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Natural Building & Decorating Products for Restoration, Conservation & New Build
Natural Building & Decorating Products for Restoration, Conservation & New Build
  • During curing lime re-absorbs the CO2 given off in its production, so making it more ecological.
  • Its ability to regulate the humidity of the internal environment and eliminate condensation have a great benefit to human health and the building itself.
  • Lintels, beams and wooden windows are also protected as the natural hydraulic lime draws the moisture away from the wood, thereby protecting it.
  • Natural hydraulic lime does not contain harmful salts unlike cement and gypsum.
  • You can even mix it with sea water without affecting its strength.
  • Lime takes on the colour of the sand used so creating beautiful coloured render/plasters.
  • It is particularly beneficial in a marine environment as it does not contain gypsum, which reacts badly in a salty & damp atmosphere.
  • Elasticity, essential for building without construction joints.
  • Permeability, great benefit to the living environment.
  • Salt resistant, Sulphate attack and alkali-silica reactions impossible.
  • Autogenous (the ability to self heal).
  • Available in a range of colours.
  • Natural antisceptic.
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