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Natural Building & Decorating Products for Restoration, Conservation & New Build
Natural Building & Decorating Products for Restoration, Conservation & New Build

First take your raw material whether it be limestone, chalk or seashells!

(Calcium carbonate).

Next make a kiln or in this case a wooden type and place your raw limestone inside.

This basic version is called a Rick. Once completed set it alight and let it burn out completely

This is what is left the following day burnt limestone, which is now ready for slaking.

(Calcium oxide).

Slaking means adding water to the burnt lime so creating a chemical reaction resulting in fizzing and steaming until it is turned into a putty like consistency or if only small amounts of water are used it will be a powdered consistency.

( Calcium hydroxide).

When you add sand or aggregate to the lime powder or putty to make a mortar to use in pointing or plastering etc this will then revert back to "Calcium carbonate" again once it has cured. This happens by it's reabsorbtion of the carbon dioxide that was given of in it's burning.

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