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Natural Building & Decorating Products for Restoration, Conservation & New Build
Natural Building & Decorating Products for Restoration, Conservation & New Build

Natural Building Technologies NBT Pavawall provides a simple, high performance breathable insulation system that delivers thermal and acoustic performance to new build structures in timber or lightweight steel frame. As well as protecting occupants from cold in winter, this modern insulation system also provides a comfortable and healthy environment throughout the year by controlling the effects of external heat, cold, noise and internal humidity. It is also a highly durable system, easy to build and maintain and suitable for all environmental conditions.

It is suitable for any external finish from render to clad with brick, stone, timber, tile, terracotta, metal etc. NBT Pavawall provides a complete insulation system including reduced thermal bridging and effective windtightness and airtightness. It comes with full detailing and includes the supply of renders, rails and beads, tapes and membranes (where necessary) as part of a fully breathable construction. NBT Pavawall is particularly suitable for lightweight construction systems where the risk of summer overheating or external noise pollution may exist. The system uses a dense interlocking woodfibre board over the frame in an unbridged layer, providing a highly insulated wall both thermally and acoustically. The system does not require either a membrane over the outside or any vapour barrier internally. NBT Pavaflex insulation batts can be installed between studs within the frame as part of the full system.

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