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Natural Building & Decorating Products for Restoration, Conservation & New Build
Natural Building & Decorating Products for Restoration, Conservation & New Build

Prompt is a very simple material with some complex characteristics, manufactured from Argillaceous clays it is simply mined, fired and milled.  Nothing is added to it, nothing is taken away.  Having been in use for over a hundred and fifty years it has been tested and proven well beyond the abilities of Ordinary Portland Cement.

*   Extremely fast set, which is controllable
*   Waterproof and sets under water
*   Approved for use with drinking water
*   Can be mixed with sea water
*   Low shrinkage
*   Fully controllable setting time, from 90 seconds to 90 minutes    
*   Beige colour develops on exposure to sunlight
*   Completely natural
*   Resistant to chemical, acids and alkalis
*   No additions whatsoever

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