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Natural Building & Decorating Products for Restoration, Conservation & New Build
Natural Building & Decorating Products for Restoration, Conservation & New Build

Paint and finishes

Keim Mineral Paints

Limeworks is the Channel Island distributor for Keim Mineral Paints. These paints have been applied to many properties throughout the Islands with great success over many years. Keim is the highest quality paint on the market that we know of. It can be mixed to virtually any colour that is required or matched to other brands. It is environmentaly friendly, breathable, fireproof, healthy and tinted with earth pigments and has a matt finish, but reflects light more than other paints.

It doesn't come in a designer tin, but is far superior to those that do! This paint was used for the whole of the London 2012 Olympic village so it's not just for historic buildings. Can be used on all types of plaster new and old and generally requiring only two coats. Mainly specified through Architects and Surveyors, but also available to the general public through Limeworks. All the base coats and whites are kept in stock including the waterproofers. Colours are mixed to order.


Please call or pop in for advice or visit the Keim website.

Natural Oil Paints

OSMO Natural Oil paints are a blend of natural oils and waxes that feed the wood, but also allowing it to breathe. One tin is all you need as their is no need for primers or undercoats and no need to rub down even if you want to refresh the wood after several years, just clean and re-apply! You don't even get brush marks. Great to use on sash windows as the paint isn't high build so no chance of your windows sticking. The same goes for the wood floor finish  2 x coats of Polyx oil is all that is needed and if you get some scratches over time then just touch in the area and watch it blend in without having to sand or strip the whole floor!


The full range is kept in stock at Limeworks or visit the OSMO website

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